Get ready to drive the future – RENAULT QUID AMT


The new Renault  KWID  AMT features Easy-R Technology – a revolutionary 5-speed AMT. The dash-mounted AMT Dial has three modes – Reverse, Neutral and Drive – and is designed to make driving effortless. An advanced control unit automatically optimises gear shifting in accordance with driving conditions for smooth and regular acceleration. Now enjoy a clutch-free driving experience complemented by enhanced fuel efficiency of 24.04 Km/L.

Renault says it has designed the system in-house, though hardware has come from Bosch and the software to run it from FEV. But the calibration and fine-tuning has been carried out by Renault’s engineers. Renault likes to brand the car Easy-R – like it did with the Duster AMT – but is happy to call it AMT anyway, says Sid Patankar on NDTV.  The big USP on this car is that Renault has done away with the gearstick and has opted for a rotary dial instead.

The simple dial sits on the central console and has three positions – R (reverse), N (neutral), and D (drive). An innovation Renault decided it wants the car to sport – it does not move even in D, unless there is an accelerator input from the driver. Renault’s market research says the creeping function on all AMTs was not popular amongst AMT users. So now you don’t have to keep your foot on the brake at say a red light, on the Kwid AMT.

More buyers prefer choosing the easier to drive auto-boxes as compared to a traditional manual. Moreover, the ridiculous amount of traffic in major metros and also due to the fact that the new AMT equipped cars are as fuel-efficient as the manual  ones and not a whole lot more expensive to buy either. The Renault Kwid AMT costs 4.25 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and is 30,000 more expensive then the top-end RXT trim on the Kwid 1.0.

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