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The three Top Attractions at Ensure remains a ‘Customer’s Choice.’

Jeep Wrangler

Mini Cooper Convertible S



The strength of this Hero will surprise you. Born of a heroic past and driven to deliver your most memorable tomorrows. India’s most Awarded SUV with over 23,000 + Buyers in just a Year. An Impressive Exterior and Authentic to the core – a mark of mastery! Rugged and refined Interior – simply superb !

Absolute pick to make memorable tomorrows..





Mini Cooper Convertible S


Pure Unfiltered Excitement. The very essence of roof down, summer driving excitement – it stimulates your senses and lets you capture and share those subtle moments of pure open-road joy. It’s a non-stop thrill behind the wheel. It’ll make you feel more alive and offer an air of sophistication in the sunshine.

Good to drive and fun with the roof down, the MINI Convertible fits choice for many. The driving position is comfortable and feels sporty. On the motorway and in slower-speed driving the MINI is well behaved – commuting wouldn’t pose too much of a problem, as there’s little wind noise with the roof up. The engine noise is more audible with the roof down, and in Cooper S models that means the pops and bangs from the tailpipe are louder, which can be good fun if you’re in the mood. You can hear a whistle from the turbo wastegate, too.

While not as economical as the hatchback, the MINI Convertible can be fairly cheap to run.




Uncompromising Dynamics on every terrain.
The all-new BMW X3 is a statement of unlimited opportunities and an expression of sheer presence and freedom. From the very first glance, it impresses with its athletic appearance and fascinates with an exciting driving experience.

“Sovereign and even-tempered it sets out to discover the unknown, because it knows its inner strength.” says Marc Michael Markefka, Head of Design Midsize Class BMW Automobiles.

Limitless, straight to the Finish, The BMW X3 has a clear mission: to unconditionally unite dynamics and safety. This is why it offers maximum ride comfort and a clear safety bonus, even in adverse weather conditions or on slippery surfaces. Further indicators of the outstanding driving experience are a high torque combined with impressive traction and agility. Or to put it another way: in the BMW X3, the road only ends where you want it to.

It has impressive power ! The new-generation BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel engines offers impressive power delivery combined with exemplary consumption figures, as a result of highly innovative technologies such as a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry common rail direct injection.

So, what’s your Pick? Choice is Entirely YOURS. If you are planning to get any one of these or any other, do not hesitate to CALL : BINAL PATEL ON 9898003282 OR SUDHIR PATEL 9824003282 

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Ilaxi Patel
Binal Patel



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