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Jaguar Land Rover, Britain’s biggest carmarker  said it wants to build electric cars in Britain in what would be a further boost to the U.K. automotive sector after the Brexit vote.  The I‑PACE Concept represents a pioneering future in electric vehicles.

A true Jaguar, I‑PACE Concept accesses its power in a range of driving environments too. With All Wheel Drive stability and sports car agility, I‑PACE Concept inspires confident driving on all road surfaces and in all weather conditions.

The Indian-owned carmaker built just under a third of Britain’s 1.6 million cars last year and showcased its first electric car earlier this month, which will be built in Austria.

But Chief Executive Ralf Speth suggested that the Indian-owned automaker, which operates three car plants in central and northern England, could bring further production to Britain.

“We want to build our EVs (electric vehicles) in the West Midlands, in the home of our design and engineering,” Speth told an industry meeting on Thursday evening according to a spokeswoman.

Speth revealed that in September it made sense to build electric batteries and cars in its home market if the conditions, including pilot testing and support from science, were right.

Technology is at the heart of I‑PACE Concept, yet it remains discreet and completely focused on enhancing driver and passenger enjoyment. I‑PACE Concept’s sophisticated technology is never obvious or intrusive. Every control and interaction, each piece of information, falls logically and intuitively to hand, keeping your attention on the road.

A five seater Sports car, a Performance car, a Family Car and an SUV All in One.  A 90 k wh  lithion ion battery pack and motors designed and engineered by Jaguar Land Rover. The company projects that the all wheel drive I-Pace will deliver around 220 miles of cruising range and suggests the average user would. The company claims that an I Pace can get an 80% charge in 90 minutes and 100% charge in just over 2 hours using 50 Kw DC  charging.

Britain announced an extra 390 million pounds ($485 million) of funding to support autonomous and green technologies earlier this week, following on from a raft of proposals designed to promote the country as a hub for innovation over recent years. Jaguar Land Rover said it would not comment on when electric cars would be built in Britain or on potential job creation. However, as per resources, Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth told Reuters that his firm wanted “fair treatment” and a “level playing field” from the government.

Jaguar Land Rover wants half its cars to be available in an electric version by the end of the decade, after showcasing its first electric car I-Pace at the Los Angeles Auto Show earlier this month. The pricing of Jaguar I-Pace is yet not disclosed.

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